Purchase Decision During The Covid-19 Pandemic: Implementation of Digital Mareting and Brand Awareness in E-Commece Shopee

Surya Bintarti, Agustini Tanjung, Arief Teguh Nugroho, Muhammad Kosasih


The COVID-19 pandemic conditions have created a challenging environment, not only for health but also for the business sector, including e-commerce. For food products, the highly contagious COVID-19 virus is also changing the way consumers buy goods. While in normal situations visiting a restaurant is a pleasant experience, in this pandemic, activities that were previously safe are often unpleasant and, for some of the most vulnerable people, it can be very dangerous. The severity of the COVID-19 pandemic conditions in some areas that are under lockdown, visiting restaurants is completely prohibited. The strategy or way for the community to avoid being infected with the COVID-19 virus, the community as consumers tend to fulfill all their needs including buying food, preferring to use mobile applications rather than visiting providers of all their needs including food needs, such as restaurants or food stalls. This study aims to partially determine the effect of implementing digital marketing and brand awareness on e-commerce shopee on purchasing decisions during the COVID-19 pandemic. The sample of this research used non-probabilty sampling method with accidental sampling technique. The sample is 100 shopee consumer respondents. The data analysis technique in this study used multiple regression with the variant-based SEM method assisted by the SmartPLS software. Collecting data using a google form questionnaire. The results show that the application of digital marketing and brand awareness partially has a positive effect but has a weak effect on purchasing decisions. The discussion on the final results of this study was conducted to determine the effect of partially implementing digital marketing and brand awareness on e-commerce shopee on consumer purchasing decisions during the COVID-19 pandemic. As for the results of this study based on the distribution of questionnaires and data processing using the SmartPLS software that has been described in the previous chapter, the researchers can draw the following conclusions: first, the application of digital marketing in e-commerce shopee has a significant positive effect (30.1%) on Purchase decisions during the COVID-19 pandemic. The weak influence is thought to be caused by respondents who stated that I have never received e-mails about attractive offers from shopee. The calculated T value on the digital marketing variable (X1) to the purchasing decision variable (Y) is (3.061), the t-count value is greater than the t-table value (1.96) which means the first hypothesis (H1) is accepted. Second, brand awareness on e-commerce shopee has a significant positive effect (47.2%) on purchasing decisions during the covid-19 pandemic. The weak influence is thought to be caused by respondents who stated that when they heard the word e-commerce/online shop, it was not only shopee that first appeared in the minds of consumers, but also other e-commerce such as Tokopedia, Lazada and other online stores. The calculated T value for the brand awareness variable (X2) on the purchasing decision variable (Y) is (5.261), the t-count value is greater than the t-table value (1.96) which means the second hypothesis (H2) is accepted.



Brand Awareness; Digital Marketing; Purchase Decision

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